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Get Approved For A Mobile Phone Contract When You Have Bad Or No Credit

A Guide To Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts

Why let bad credit stop you getting a phone?
Having bad credit need not stop you from being accepted for a new contract phone, by applying direct to one of our recommended networks you have a far better chance of getting a new mobile phone contract.

To get your mobile phone simply select one of our recommended providers underneath, choose your phone and complete the application.



Virgin Mobile offer a good choice of phones. But best of all Virgin have a very high acceptance rates on mobile contracts and if you have other products from Virgin Media you get an even better deal. If you have very bad credit try a lower value phone or SIM only contract.
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Three offer a great choice of affordable tariffs, phones and SIM only contracts. Choose a phone and tariff you can afford, if you have very bad credit choose a SIM only contract for 3 months then upgrade to a free smart phone.

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EE Sim only contracts offer the greatest acceptance rate for people with bad credit. They also have a good acceptance rates on low end free phone deals.

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Vodafone offer a very good acceptance rate on SIM Only contracts, and have a great selection of deals.
Vodafone are also improving and offering more free phone contracts to customers with poor credit.

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To get your mobile phone on contract:

1). Choose a recommended network above.
2). Choose your phone, be realistic in your choice, lower value phone = less risk.
3). Fill in the application & get connected today!

Bad credit contract phones can help improve your credit rating. have researched the over 30 UK mobile phone providers to give you the very best chance of being accepted. Our service allows people who have poor or bad credit ratings get accepted for mobile phone contracts, we constantly check connection statistics and amend our site accordingly.

Once you have been accepted for your new contract phone, provided you stick to the agreement and pay your bills on time, your credit rating will improve. This will help you gain better rates for other credit agreements such as finance, loans and mortgages in the future.

We cannot guarantee everyone will be accepted for a mobile phone contract and you should be wary of any websites who do. However we genuinely research connection data on a daily basis and find the most suitable bad credit deals.

Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contract Advice
Apply direct to the mobile phone networks to have a better chance of being accepted, even if you are not approved initially chances are the network will negotiate a deal which may or may not require a security deposit. Best Networks with free phone are currently: Virgin Mobile followed by EE, Three.

If you cannot get accepted for a mobile phone choose a SIM Only Contract deal (3 SIM Only, Vodafone SIM Only , EE) the credit checks are much easier only checking your identity and address. Then after 3 months you can apply for a free or subsidised mobile phone provided you have kept up your SIM only contract payments and built up some credit history.

Ensure you are listed on the electoral role at your current address, check your credit files by applying to the credit reference agencies. Equifax and Experian – these will also show your current electoral role information. Check your credit files making sure any old financial associations or incorrect information is removed.

No Credit Check Mobiles
No credit check mobile phones only exist on SheBang, PAYG and SIM Free, all other contract mobile phone providers perform credit checks or identity checks to ensure you can afford to repay the contract and that you are who you say you are. If you suffer from bad or no credit history it does not mean you will not get accepted for a mobile phone contract it simply means the number of providers that will consider your application is lower or the handsets, tariffs and contracts you can choose from are fewer.

No credit check mobile phone deals can be expensive due to the larger risk factor, but all the major UK networks offer SIM Only Contract deals (3 SIM Only, Vodafone SIM Only , EE), and as stated before these offers have a small credit check and offer a stepping stone to improving your credit and getting approved for a full contract phone deal without the expense of a no credit check deal.

Sim Only Contract Deals
Sim Only Contracts offer the highest approval rates for bad credit customers. With most SIM only contracts you do not get a mobile phone, however e2Save are offering a free Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Y, Nokia Asha 300 or LG Optimus L3 with their 12 month SIM only contracts. Which ever SIM only deal you choose provided you keep up your repayments, you are on the right track to re-building your credit.

100% Guaranteed Mobile Contract For Every Customer

The only Network in the UK to offer a free handset on a 12 month contract with absolutely no credit check. Get a free acer liquid Z2 plus you can upgrade to the smartphone of your choice after just 6 months. All that is required is for you to pay your first month’s line rental in advance and they will send your handset out to you the very next day with free delivery. As SheBang are a new network we would love to here your thoughts, if you have taken up a contract with SheBang through our website please get in touch and let us know what you think of the service, the network or anything else.

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